Re: RE: Why



Okay, here is the first query letter I have since rewritten it,

DRAGON WORLD – THE NEXT BEGINNING is a finished 153,000 word science fiction/fantasy manuscript that follows the last dragon slayer on her quest to rid the world of evil.

            Mican has become a shadow in a world that barely remembers dragons let alone slayers. Unable to age she alone has the skill and knowledge to kill dragons. When the dragons return Mican begins the hunt again and realizes the world is not how she remembers it. Her troubles multiply with each step she takes, a reluctant keeper, a bard who wants to tag along and mercenaries whose only goal seems to be her demise.

            Mican’s quest to find the dragon becomes even more complicated when she meets Shawn. She’s never felt like this before. She buries her feelings deep denying the very thing that’s kept her alive all these years, love. As she rides to slay the dragon she can’t help but wonder can she save the world one more time. Can she save herself?

            Dragon World is my first novel and my first attempt at publishing. I appreciate your time and your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.