Re: RE: Why



I found the coolest query approach online one day, and it lit up my thinking and helped me immensely in my marketing efforts.  Because I self-published I no longer use a query letter, but I found this person’s approach fantastic and have since loosened up my marketing technique in writing my press release and cover letters. What an attention-getting query!  Here’s a snippet of the thoughts written by the agent after reading the query (he didn’t include the actual query…darn!) Talk about a “hook!” I keep it as my inspiration:

“It’s not every day you’re approached with an offer to be a hired gun, but that’s exactly what I found in my inbox when I checked my e-mail this afternoon. I was told $1,000,000 was up for grabs and all I’d have to do was sign up and strategically place little bits of lead into the skulls of some other people. Hey, for a cool million?  Who’d turn that down?”

Needless to say, that agent loved the query opener, and the rest is history.

Maybe this will help inspire you as it did me.  Good luck.