Re: RE: Why



I’ve been querying off and on for the past year. I send out a few and when the rejections come back I reorganize my efforts and resend. I’ve had not one bite from my queries although my writing group likes the book. At my next meeting I’m going to offer up the query and the synopsis and see what they have to say. Maybe I’m just missing something. I thought the rejections would bother me but they don’t. It’s just part of the job. Every agent but one wished me luck in finding a home for it so I know I’m close.

I always send the query, the synopsis and any where from 5 to 10 pages. I think right now it’s the subject matter. Most sci/fi houses want vampires and demons. I’d probably have a better chance at querying my second book first but I haven’t finished that yet. (It has demons in it)

Oh well back to the drawing board.

Thanks for the sympathy and the company.