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gdlee, this made me laugh! 🙂 Thank you for that. I’m betting that many of the poets you are missing are struggling with the PAD (Poem A Day) challenge over on Poetic Asides.

And G-girl — I think I can explain how you got that word! (Don’t throw it away. You’ll find someplace to use it — sooner or later.)
I have to add here (as it is the perfect place!) a poem I wrote a while back:


Walking the beach at sunrise
Scanning the stones and seashells
Looking for just the right ones

Some – too sharp and cutting
Others, too weak – insignificant

Each must be carefully selected
Turned this way and that
Measured and evaluated
Before being chosen
To string into beads (perhaps)
Or pocketed for later
Or (just possibly) tossed back
For another to discover

One who will grasp its beauty
Feel its rightness
See its merit
And slip it (perhaps)
Into a pocket
To put to good use