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abqwriter – 2008-11-05 4:32 PM breaking into the writing market. So – here’s the question – If you were taking my class, what would you want it to cover? What would you NOT want to hear?

but here’s the thing-and hold your breath before jumping–I’ve learned that if you are Good and tough and professional, things like grammar and formatting and all that are not make or break issues. now, don’t get me wrong. they are critical. you need to know your protocols, and all things writerly. and you can find all that info easily. WD is a great source. but you need to be Good and tough and you must be professional, even when it kills you to do so.

they will point out your grammar (and oh will they), they can fix your plot (and thank goodness they will), they will overlook an arial font, but if you make an @ss of yourself, if you can’t take criticism and USE it, if you can’t slap on that business hat, and if your writing isn’t Good, the rest doesn’t matter. 

So, I’d want to hear make your writing as Good as it can be, be as tough as you can be and then add 10, and be professional in everything you do. e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. I would not want to hear that you have a signifigant chance of making money at it or that it is easy or that you’ll likely be successful, just cause I don’t like being lied to. 🙂

let us know how the course goes, Lisa, it sounds exciting and I’ll be dying to hear not just what you taught, but what you learn from your pupils as well. I bet it’s going to be great.