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You seem to be quite focused on the process of writing. If that works for you, go for it. I like to put together a little outline of my beginning middle and end and start writing. The middle and end are often different by the time I’ve finished the beginning, too. So any significant additional effort I invested in focusing on the process before I started writing would be wasted.

So, bear in mind when you talk about things the writer must do, you are talking about processes that may or may not be the best processes for you. The are certainly not the best processes for everyone. While I agree that I want there to be stakes and high stakes and increasing levels of tension and all sorts of other things in the final product, trying to script that aspect of writing instead of just writing with those thoughts generally in mind would not be an effective use of my time. I’m not even terribly inclined to worry about too much of it until I’ve put the entire first draft on the table, stepped back, and taken a look at it.