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Gooblink – 2008-11-12 11:10 AM Supernerd – You can do a lot with the garter stitch! Once I started using circular needles, I use them for everything. A few seasons ago I knitted a pile of funky scarves for the neighbors’ kids. I was a little surprised over how appreciative the kids were to get a handmade gift. I was afraid they’d think it was goofy, but they wore them proudly! 🙂

That’s so sweet! It’s nice to see a handmade gift really appreciated. I made my kids scarves and they ended up tying them all together and hung them from their bunk bed to make a hammock. It was cute, but it wasn’t what I’d intended them for. I let them enjoy their hammock, and when they went to sleep that night I untied them and put them in the top of their closet before one of my kids got hurt. Maybe they’ll appreciate the scarves next year.:)