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Like Jai, I’m inclined to find something appealing in just about everyone.

I love people who wear their hearts on their sleeves — who’ll say whatever they’re thinking or feeling at the moment regardless of boundaries. This both fascinates and horrifies me, and I find it completely endearing. 

I’m also drawn to people who are all sealed up like those hidden-drawer puzzle boxes; where you can’t find the WAY in, much less where the treasure’s hidden. Ooh! I want to know the WHY of it all; how COME they’re all shrouded and secretive? I want to know, and yeah. I spend time trying to come up with the exact questions, and the series in which they should be asked, in order to be granted access to that secret room. Yeah, I love people like that. But it’s not enough to find the secret, I have ta’ know how they turned themselves into a puzzle in the first place. I find this endearing.