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jrtomlin – 2008-05-20 3:13 PM is working on a story and working on it and not feeling that I know if it’s any good or not–which is how I usually feel. Does it start in the right place? Is the pace any good? Is it cliched? Does the right voice and tone come through? An important one–is it better than my last story? (OMG. It doesn’t feel like it’s better than my last one.) All the angst that writers go through, I really do wonder why people want to go through it. If you’re considering writing, run–do not walk–in the other direction.

Really, it’s a weird situation for me. Sometimes I worry excessively about my style or my originality that I forget what the essence of the story is. But when I go back to it, I realize that I’m exaggerating to myself. You’ve just got to look at the story in a different light sometimes and work out the issues.

And the angst you mention…for some reason, I don’t think writers focus on that too much. There’s something indescribable about writing, about putting so much into a story. Putting ourselves into a story, even though some don’t like to admit it. It’s a wonderful feeling. Sure, it’s not easy. Sure, you’re going to have moments when you sincerely doubt your abilities, but hey, people get that from every walk of life. There’s just gotta be a time when you get past that and move forward. That’s all you can do, really. So don’t be afraid of those feelings. If you’re truly passionate about your story, I’m sure it’ll just be time before you get back to writing like you used to; by applying yourself.

So get to it! 🙂