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Jamesaritchie – 2008-05-24 12:08 PM – 2008-05-22 12:02 PM

Jamesaritchie – 2008-05-22 8:51 AM In the beginning, I wanted to be a visual artist, as well. I tried very, very hard, took all the classes and training, etc. But it wasn’t just difficult for me, it was impossible. I simply lacked the talent to compete on a scale that mattered. I wasn’t anywhere near as good as the best around me, and knew I never would be. One art professor told me that lack of talent never stopped anyone from succeeding wildly in modern art, and I’m sure he was right, but I wanted no part of modern art. If you doubt talent exists, go into the visual arts. If you doubt raw, natural talent is a must, go into visual arts. Like singing, most can clearly tell when they lack talent, at least compared to others in the same field. There are always those like the horrible first round singers on American Idol who have no clue how bad they are, how little talent they have (Which is, I think, why so many thnk they can be writers. They’re completely tone deaf to their own words), but most can tell when they just don’t have the natural talent it takes to succeed.




My first go around, I had the potential, but not the skill. Now I have both and am growing exponentially.

 But man, I wanted it so bad when I was 23.


I envy you.  I lacked both the potential and the skill.  But I still love good art with immense passion.


The downside is I can’t turn my brain off. Everything I see is seen through a creative lens.

Can be veeeeeerrryyy tiring. I’m an impressionist fan myself.

 Want to see some reallygreat art, som of the best computer painters and art you’ll ever see.