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I like this. I thought you brought in some good points like about not hiring a congress person to produce something. Reading it connected to a lot of disgust I feel about this issue. I’m not sure if this fits in with critique but to learn to write better I went into political groups to communicate with difficult people. In order to hold my own with them I needed to look up facts which became beneficial. For instance our country’s founders were basically slave owners and at that time a ‘federalist’ party was more for the good of he people. It was always easy to throw up looking at situations concerning government and ask if it’s for the good of the slave owner of the issue seemed to be for the good of the people. Also with the last stimulus it might be a good idea to remember that the gas prices went up at that time and those stimulus checks pretty well went to record profit producing oil companies.
It’s a good piece. Thanks for sharing it with us.