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Kat H.

My first thought is, she has a valid point — that is, think about EVERYONE who might look at your blog, and what impression you wish to make. Maybe literaticat thinks that unpublished writers should simply NOT be blogging about their work. But that’s up to you to decide. My second thought is, I much prefer “Pub Rants” as an agent blog. The lady who has created Pub Rants shows a lot of class, as well as humour. She describes herself as a nice Mid-western girl, and I think it shows. She’s honestly critical at times, often with humour, but never catty or mean about it.

For myself, I’ve just started a blog, & it tends more toward the personal than the professional, but it is sometimes about my writing life. However, I don’t post “works in progress” or outlines of ideas, nor do I post anything that I’ve submitted to a contest or magazine, or that I intend to submit in the near future. I have no achievements to announce 🙁 but if and when I do, I suppose I will just state whatever it is, rather than giving everyone the ongoing saga of how I’ve entered this contest & now I’m waiting…. still waiting…. and so on. That kind of thing is good to share with your Facebook friends maybe.

Another thought is that, personally, I can’t stand the pontiffs who come along and try to tell everyone else “THE RULES.” I thought the whole point of this type of internet media, is that we the people have greater control of what information we take in and what information we give out. Good manners, and protecting one’s public reputation are important, but so is freedom of expression.

Hmmm, think I might write an article about this on my blog…..