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Sent my son off to school, looking like Ralphie from A Christmas Story, bundled up in puffy layers against the 3 degrees outside.
Walked 2 miles on the treadmill while reading Elmore Leonard’s 52 Pickup– Hard to do any walking outside — too cold and slippery (ice and snow)
Getting ready to go vote then take my daughter to the Rec Center for an hour of free play in the gym with other Pre-K kids.
House chores. Sneak in half hour of guitar strumming.
Take daughter to public library for Pre-k story time. While there, I have about 40 minutes to write in notebook. Will expand fictional story I’m working on.
Need to stop at city sandhill and fill three 5-gallon buckets to spread on the driveway so we don’t end up on our *ss walking to/from bus stop/mailbox.
More house chores.
Play outside a little for fresh air.
More house chores.
Put kids to bed.
If I have any brainpower leftover, then maybe write or read. If not watch tv for an hour then sleep.