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Andrew, I sympathize with the struggle to quit smoking. My husband wasn’t able to give it up until after his heart attack and bypass surgery at age 46. Hope it is easier for you.

This morning I cleaned house from top to bottom. Now I am trying to organize papers as I misplaced several things during the cleaning frenzy.

Two men named Darrell are downstairs installing a furnace, humidifier, air cleaner, condensation pump, and re-working ducts throughout the house. I can’t help thinking of that Bob Newhart show where the guy Darrell had two brothers named Darrell, and they fixed things–sort of. I am hoping these guys are not relatives–yeah, I know it was just a show, but we live in a very rural area…

I have paid my bills, and mailed off a story to a magazine. I have a feeling the story will get rejected–it is a re-make of the one that did not make it for the recent WD contest–but I am very proud of my submission packet. I learned how to make labels for the large envelopes, so there is nothing hand-written anywhere except my signature on the cover letter. I used 22 pound paper, so it is crisp and white and professional looking. I entered it into Submission Tracker, and have crossed all my fingers.

Now I plan to catch up on all the posts I didn’t read over the weekend. No writing for me today–too many distractions. This afternoon, I will re-evaluate my stock portfolio; it has been sadly neglected since I joined this forum. After the installers leave, I plan to go vote. We only have about 70 registered voters in my township, so I don’t expect a problem or a long wait. Tonight I hope to enjoy the heat of my new furnace, though the weather has warmed up so much I probably won’t need it.