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Good for you, Andrew – give up those cancer sticks. Nothing has caused me more personal pain than seeing my mother wheel around attached to an oxygen tank, and her sister dying last year from the same disease (emphysema), weighing a mere 78 pounds. I wish you the best – it is the nastiest addiction….

I am at a public health conference in Boston, but spent some time as a writer today (yes!). This morning I:

1) worked a bit on my query assignment for my query writing class.

2) input two small scenes from my novel from my longhand notebook into my computer.

3) contemplated changing the voice in this second novel from first POV to third person.

4) spent several hours at Borders reading 2007 WMNSSW and picked out the “new” relevant agents and publishers for novel #1

5) will read on the train to my mother-in-law’s house this afternoon.

Feels SOOOOOOO good to have a few concentrated hours… hope all are well, back in the saddle per usual come Thursday…. Peace, Linda