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Me…oh, glad you asked…I was just fighting the crowds at the election polls, then fighting the crowds of traffic because of the election polls.

Just finished reading SilverCrows piece that he posted a link to.

Next, working on my fiction piece (remember that new venture for me?  Fiction – something I hadn’t done before now).

Then…getting the kids off the bus, making dinner, doing homework, baths, then tucking kids into bed…then…cleaning up so as to not awake to a mess in the house, then folding the laundry I washed, feeding the dog and the cat, making lunches for the next school day, then…reading a bit, and going to sleep for the 4-5 hours of bliss, then starting over tomorrow.

Oh, yeah forgot vacuuming and emptying the dishwasher…I’ll fit that in somewhere…

Gee, so glad you asked 😉