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Well since my paying job is a little slow at the moment (I know having typed this I will now be inundated with work) I have been typing in my longhand story into my computer. I am almost finished with typing it. I’m trying to write a synopsis because the editor I want to send it to requires a query letter a synopsis and the first fifty pages… it’s not coming along very well. I am have a query reading contest here at work. I’m letting my co-workers read my queries and tallying up the votes… I’m on a 15 min break right now so I’m just reading what everyone else has been doing today

We dont get snow here in N FLA but it is overcast and every now and then a couple of drops fall from the sky, it’s still warm but not hot, I love the cooler days

After work and dinner and voting I’m going to get my nails done go back home and maybe edit some, then off to bed, if I can sleep tonight…

oops, here comes work

Good luck with the quiting smoking… it’s worth the effort