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Ames – 2006-08-22 11:17 AM What island are you from? I’m always interested in learning about other cultures. And I always admire people who know more than one language. I had to take French for six years in school and the only thing I can remember is “Where is the washroom” (Ou est la salle de bain?) and Je suis, Tu es, Il es, Elle es, Nous sont, Vous ette, Ils sont, Elles sont. So much for bilingual. Welcome to the forums! Amy

  Thanks for the Welcome, Amy!!!

  I thought people here wouldn’t know the place even if I named it out, so I just skipped the name when I typed the intro.  But since you asked….well, I’m from Taiwan.  Ring any bells??  No?  Formosa??  Heard of that?

  Anyway, nice to meet you here!!