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michaeljvaughn – 2008-06-03 4:45 PM Okay, I’m stealing from Shayd’s story about getting slapped after basing a character on a friend. I was reading a chapter I wrote about domestic violence at an open mic, and one of my friends left the room crying. I recalled immediately that she had a history of being abused as a child, and of course my first thought was concern for her. But my second thought was, “Wow! I must have written that well!” Sick, but true. Anyone else need to confess thoughts like these?

It’s not sick. Your first thought was for her. And besides, you were right; you must have written it well. Nothing wrong with pride in your work. Now, if you were reveling in her misery, that would be sick.

I don’t have thoughts like this to confess because I’ve never had a reaction like that to one of my “ask the doc” columns. At least, not that I’ve seen!