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michaeljvaughn – 2008-06-03 6:45 PM Okay, I’m stealing from Shayd’s story about getting slapped after basing a character on a friend. I was reading a chapter I wrote about domestic violence at an open mic, and one of my friends left the room crying. I recalled immediately that she had a history of being abused as a child, and of course my first thought was concern for her. But my second thought was, “Wow! I must have written that well!” Sick, but true. Anyone else need to confess thoughts like these?

Michael, seriously, you need to stop going around upsetting women! It’s going to come back to bite ya in the ass one of these days, ya know?

I haven’t had anything as dramatic or distressing as that. I did have one reader say she was going to buy a copy for her two year old granddaughter so they could read it to her as she grows up. I melted into a puddle on the floor. I still feel all mushy when I think about it.