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Laurie Zupan

popovic – 2007-10-31 2:19 PM

abqwriter – 2007-10-31 7:57 AM

 The gay lifestyle is very much a part of society, unlike those who practice witchcraft.  

Obviously, not a Californian.

And, I have to object to the comparison of Mr. Darcy as a child-molester to Dumblewhomever as gay. Gay people aren’t child molesters, they don’t corrupt our morality and they don’t hide under the beds like boogiemen.

I long for the day, LOOONGGGGG for the day when the emotional response to an outing is nothing more than a disappointed sigh that the outed person doesn’t bat for your particular team and that means, there’s just no hope of a hookup.

I was not comparing the two; I was giving another example of a well-known literary figure with something that could have been in the closet.  I also added cross-dresser or anything else.  Please don’t harvest my words without taking them in context in order to take offense.  I did not mean to trash gays.  I was saying that when a writer lets readers know that there is something in the closet of a beloved figure that was never revealed, it’s going to get a strong reaction.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.

And, no.  I’m not a Californian.  I live 60 miles from Santa Fe.  Check the stats.  I live in a very gay-friendly state and have no issue with that.  Most post was not based on personal bias or prejudice.  It was not emotional.  It was actually a logical assumption based on fact.

Consider this:  it is estimated .3 to .5 million people in the US in 2000 practiced some sort of witchcraft.  In the same year, the Census reported 1.2 million gay couples resided in the United Stated.  Assuming both people in the couple are gay, we can double the number to 2.4 million gays living in the U.S.  This is why I stated that the Christian Coalition’s core stated values would be more threatened by the outing than by the topic of the stories.  It’s simple statistics.