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kerrymichaelwood – 2008-11-09 8:31 AM What word is less of use than our word “now”? It’s lost its meaning by the time it’s said. And what was present takes departing bow, And mingles with what’s gone, what’s past, what’s dead. No hour or day earns historicity Without its marking earth-shaking event— A Savior born who solves life’s mystery, Cancer cured, a Mideast settlement? To speak or pen a saber-witted “mot,” And have it echo maybe once or twice With one lost syllable in each echo Is all one can expect. So my advice: As long as you have breath and hearts that thrum, Ignore the past; delight in what’s to come. 

Kerry, it’s beautiful, meaningful, deep
You warn us away from a slope that is steep
that slippery past, so quickly it fades,
and so too the future, a mystery in spades
You’re right, neither one can support us for long
and yet, I can’t swallow the rest of your song
To me, Here and Now is the best place to be
It’s where you are you, and where I am me
The present, this moment, though fleeting for sure,
is where we are free, where the world is all pure.
Without Future’s fears and Past’s mournful regrets,
There’s peace in Right Now. It’s as good as it gets.
If I were a Buddhist, a good one, I’d be
Right here in this moment for eternity
Where breathing is one breath, and heartbeat one thrum
But alas, it turns out, I’m just human, by gum!

[a mere human who has trouble ending a poem with anything but a wisecrack]