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Yup, Wicked Ride is what I thought my car looked like.

I love the pee doc’s plate! All of them are funny. It’s amazing how much thought can go into something like that. You know, a hearse seems to be a great place to put a vanity plate because if you look them up, you’ll find a lot of them!

I can’t wait to see the new Camero, Jenn.

My son had a 1999 Firebird with T-tops. It was silver and boy did it look good…until he put those yucky itty bitty wheels on it that look like they came off a matchbox car. He thought it was the stuff with those wheels, but I thought it stunk… took away from the whole concept.

Who woulda thought we could all have a Kitt? My daughter bought a new Sentra and it talks to her! I loved Kitt, too. I always wanted a late 60’s or early 70’s Vette. I thought the Stingray’s were the best.

When I was little, I didn’t play with dolls..the toy I carried around was a red Corvette.

Did your hubby think he hit the jackpot, Jenn, because you loved cars? Mine did.

We had a dirt track race car for many years. When the house burned down, hubby’s health got a little bad and he sold it. I felt sad when it went. Hubby wouldn’t drive it. His satisfaction came out of building it from scratch. That car would flat out get it! We had a wonderful driver and won several championships. 

I drove it in a few races. The first time I ever drove it, I was scared to death, but I had already made the brags so I couldn’t back out. I didn’t do well, but the next time and after that I was always in the top 5 cars. (They always had a ladies race once a year).

It feels p’wrful to drive a race car. Just cranking it up and feeling the earth rumble under you is awesome!  

 Unfortunately, even racing is changing. The track we raced at cut out that class of cars and we had to go to another track.

Seems like they all want to go to crate motors…the kind you buy and it comes in a crate…no one wants to build their own any more. It’s pretty sad when you can get everything done for you!

I forgot the plate that started me actually looking at them. When I was preggers with my daughter in 1981, I spent a lot of time with my grandmother. She needed some help at that time. She loved watching Richard Simmons. His license plate said: WRUFAT!

Thanks for the comments!