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Fantasy – 2008-02-05 11:52 PM *sighs* Oh, happy day. I remember when I first laid eyes on my dream car. A 1951 300SLS Mercedes Benz Prototype. Not the one they ultimately built and sold, under the SL “Series” name. Nooo. My gorgeous Prototype only has three (last I heard) in existence and, rather unfortunately, I am unable to find a picture on Google Images (though I have a book with a picture of it in Midnight Blue at home).

Alas, I will never own this jewel of an automobile, but it will always be my baby and will desperately await it’s custom FNTSY vanity plate.


Until then, my current baby is a 99 Suzuki Esteem with “FSTWLS” on it. (TN will only let us have 6 letters, darn it!)

I’m from TN and I had 7 on my plate, but no space between. I like fast wheels! Do you like to watch the Barrett-Jackson auction? There could possibly be one on there. Here’s the link: