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Susan – 2008-02-02 7:08 PM


Your posting is awesome- well written and engaging! Please tell me it’s the start of an article or memior. 

Well thanks, Susan! Actually, I’m working on memoirs or maybe even an autobiography. I’ve learned a lot in my messed up life…maybe someone can learn something without having to weather the same storms!

Wow, Jenn…married to a computer geek! Well, maybe you’re better off since opposites attract, although it’s always nice to have someone who is interested in rod runs and racing. Yanno, racing fuel can almost be an aphrodisiac? Two people, high on fumes…spontaneous combustion! hahaha….oopps, I went back and read that, but decided to leave it, the high on fumes thing! It’s racing fumes!

I saw the Knight Rider preview! That’s awesome! I can’t wait to see it. Hey, I bet you liked

Gone in 60 Seconds? That Shelby Mustang was a car!