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Cheryl Bush

I talk to my fish a lot when I’m feeding them. I’ve even named them and call them out by name as I drop the food into the tank. On this particular day, I noticed something different. It was almost like they were responding to me when I said their names. They would swim up to the glass one by one and look at me.

I didn’t think anything of it at the time, thinking that it was just a strange coincidence. But when it happened again during the next feeding, I began to wonder. I conducted a test and just called out a random name. The fish with that name immediately swam up to the glass to look at me.

Again, while I thought it was thrilling, I didn’t think too much about it, figuring they had just learned their names like a cat or dog would. I also found that I could communicate in other ways with them, telling them with hand signals to swim in a circle, go from one side of the tank to the other, etc. Nobody else in my family could make them respond like I could and they thought I was crazy.

One day when I went to feed them, they were acting strangely. Oscar, the fish I had always called the leader, was up against the glass making movements with his mouth, almost like he was trying to tell me something. He was swimming around in circles and practically jumping out of the water. Then the rest of the fish made a strange formation and when I looked closer, I could see that they had spelled out a name. “Mom” was what it read.

My sickly mom had moved in with me and my family and I truly believed the fish were trying to tell me something about her. I went to check on her and found her at the foot of the basement stairs, unconscious. Apparently, the fish had seen her go downstairs and not come back up. I would not have found her or looked for her for hours, as she had been scheduled to go out for the day with her friend. Her friend had come to the house and, not receiving an answer, had just left, thinking that Mom was sleeping and hadn’t wanted to disturb her.

Thanks to my ability to communicate with my fish, Mom was okay. She had fractured her skull and was bleeding profusely. The doctor said that if I hadn’t found her when I did, she probably would have bled to death.