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Well, what can I say my neighbor and I never got along. We lived next door to each other as far as I can remember. We went to the same preschool, (our moms were best friends) and we fought about toys at school. In elemenary we fought about doing all the work for the class group report. In jouior high we fought about who was dating who. High school she dated my ex. boyfriend.

So, after that I stopped trying to be the good neighbor, and just gave up. She got everything she wanted, yes I let her step all over me. But the worst happened when she dropped out of church, and became Zeek’s new gf, and a year later dumped him for a wilder guy, and at the last year of highschool became a single mom. Zeek never quite got over the fact what happened with Cara, and never talked to me again. I figured he thought it was my fault about what happened to her. I tried talking to her, when I found out Kevin left her. But she wouldn’t have anything to to with me, and steamed out that Zeek liked her best, and if she hadn’t made the mistake with Kevin, Zeek would’ve still been with her. After that I kind of fell silent, because I could feel the truth in it. And sadly , she did too. So, i just walked home. All the years of bitterness towards each other was bulit up, until there was nothing left to say.

The weather was horrible, the thunder just stopped and Cara awkwardly walked up to my house.
“The power’s out at my place”, she sighed, “Login won’t eat anything, and is crying in his bed. I figured you could come over…and help me eat the food in the fridge before it gets bad” I smiled softly.
‘Sure’, I said without hesition, “I’ll be right over” I still lived with my parents, and wanted to check on my youger siblings first, since my parents were gone. I remembered she had alawys been afraid of the dark. She said nothing, just looked at me, fear in her eyes.
“Or, you could help me check on Derrick, Kyle, and Katy. Then we can walk over to your house” Afterward, with everyone up, and I hired the next door girl a few blocks away as a last minute babysitter . Once Angela was there, we walked to her place, and she caught me up on how Login was doing.
“Login just loves that he was named after the charcter on Wolverine. We have all the movies” I nodded with a smile. Login was so precious! A little boy, whose favorite halloween costome was the one of Wolverine. He looked anything, but ferious.

“Login starts preschool pretty soon”, she said opening her door.
“Really? I miss that age” I said thinking how things were then, life’s biggest problem seeming so simple.
She looked at me, with hands on her hips, “You mean us? We fought all the time” I laughed good naturally.
“I know, Cara, but maybe we’re grown up by now” She shrugged, thanked me for coming in such late notice, and moved out of the way for me to come in.
“Login, guess who’s here”, Cara yelled across the hall. Login came out of his room, a big smile on his face.
“Aunt Nancy! I missed you!” Tears came to my eyes, and I realized all the past came along it them. Sure, Cara and I argued alot, but there in the dark where she was valable, I realized maybe all she needed was the same thing I needed, a friend. She took out the left overs from her fridge, and we talked about our past, while Login went to bed again.

I noticed two guests waiting patiently, one was Zeek, and the other a friend of Zeek’s, Nathan. Right before I could say anything at all to Cara, she expained to me.

“My bestest regret”, she said, “Was not having you as a friend, when I needed one the most” I knew then, this was the most remorable dinner ever. All four of us talked, while both Cara and I cried, happy to be reunited neighbors, that had gone too long without ever letting go of our past hurts.