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Carol, You will not have to buy a new TV next year. If you have your TV hooked up through a box (like a cable box) you need to do nothing. If it is hooked directly to an antenna then you will have to purchase a converter box. It is my understanding the antenna will hook to the converter and the converter to your TV. These converters are suppose to sell around $40.00. Plus every house hold in the USA is suppose to be able to recieve up to two $40.00 credits to be used to purchase these converters. So the cost for up to two televisions is supposed to be $0.00 per house hold.

As far as your DVD you probably have a button on your TV remote called “INPUT” every time you push this button it changes what input signal the TV will display. If you have the DVD hooked up correctly and I am right about the input button just start your DVD and push the button until the DVD shows on your screen. when you want to go back to TV push the input button until the TV comes back on.