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Oh, I did read #8 then. that’s the one I got from the library. Guess I’m waiting for book number 9.

Sookie can in no way end up with Eric. She’d have to sacrifice too much of herself. Or he would. I don’t see it ever happening. oh, but the tension is lovely!

I like the bitchiness of Tara in the show. In the books, she felt rather weak and pitiful to me. Then she sort of gets her life together, and just becomes a forgettable character with little to her beyond a love of money. I like how they’re developing her in the show. The twist of her relationship with Sam is interesting. He needs to have some sort of love life outside of pining after Sookie.

Not so sure about Sam’s history in the show. I like the simpler background the books gave him. But the show needs fodder for other characters besides Sookie, so I see why they’re going a different way.