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I enjoyed the books so much I got my husband to read them. (He actually got me addicted to fantasy books.) He also loved them. And we watch the show every Sunday night.

As far as the books differing from the show, I think the show puts much more background into the characters than the books did. One of my favorite book characters was Lafayette, and I was beyond DELIGHTED to see how much the show grew his character. I knew the show was going to be a little different than the books, but I LOVE what HBO did with the series. They stuck as closely to the book (this is only the 1st book) as they could and still make it watchable for tv.

I’m a mega fan of the books, and I adore the show. ***shhh…little secret…I’m also on the True Blood forum. I don’t spend nearly as much time there as I do here. My user name there is lasupernerd. They used my e-mail for my name and didn’t give me the option of changing it…oh, well.

I’m so glad you started a thread abut the books. I thought maybe I was the only one who liked them.;)