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Deb: I tried reading The Face earlier this past summer. Didn’t really hold my attention, for some reason.

The cop wasn’t really a cop at all. He was an assassin from a secret angency under the disguise of a cop, and the man he tried to run over was a member of some terrorist organization (although not Al Qaeda). By missing his mark, he alerted said organization to his true identity. He’s been cast out from his agency because he failed and they can’t risk any other members being caught or killed. Now the assassin is alone and on the run from the members of this organization. Unfortunately, The Organization (capitals added for ominous effect) has still managed to infiltrate the Secret Agency and has captured many of it’s top members. It seems the only one who can save the Secret Agency is the Exiled Assassin. However, things aren’t always as they seem. In a startling twist, we find out that The Leader of the Secret Agency has actually been a double agent and that the members of the Agency have been tricked into performing tasks beneficial to The Organization. As it turns out, all of the murders and sabotage supposedly committed against The Organization have really been committed against world peace activists and the like. Now, as a final act of redemption, the Exiled Assassin and those he manages to rescue must band together to bring down The Organization once and for all.

I don’t know if I’d write that story…sounds pretty cliché to me.