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leikec – 2009-09-30 7:47 PM

Quote – “I would totally travel to England if I could! Just to have the chance to be immersed in the culture, the history, the awesome accents! Dream come true.”

It would be a dream come true for me as well.

I’m lucky in one way; I can hear an awesome accent just by picking up the phone and calling my friend. Someday I hope we will be able to go to London together–I’m sure she could give me a great tour of the city, and I would love to see where she grew up and hear her stories about life in England.

Jeff C

That is so cool! I hope you get to go! I’ve heard so many British accents from movies and such (and McFly is a British band), but sadly I don’t have any friends who are from England. I’ve made plans though with a friend of mine to travel to England, and also visit Canada, France, and Australia once we’re 18. 🙂