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michaeljvaughn – 2008-05-31 3:36 PM

The amazing thing about DAN BROWN (yes, I’m naming names) is that his stories are so good that they overcome his absolutely horrible writing. Being a writerwriterreaderwriter (or something like that), I couldn’t make it past the second chapter. Strangley, though, I rather enjoyed the movie, which everyone else on planet Earth seems to have hated. Am I a writerreadermoviegoer?

Still, I think the absolute paradise of reading is that middle ground where transparent, beautiful writing meets compelling story lines. You have to work a little to find it, but it’s out there.

And Amen about Joyce. I have never understood the adulation given to a writer whose main purpose is to avoid communicating anything to his readers.

Michael, You just transformed James’ “writerwriterreaderwriter” and “writerreadermoviegoer.” I wonder if our ancestors who sat around the campfires forming our first language got thrills each time they saw words and meaning evolve? Wonder how long it took for them to then change them to “WWRW” and “WRM”?

Initialism and Acronym, right?