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Jamesaritchie – 2008-05-28 1:10 PM


Hmmm, codes, angels, and deomons, huh? Nope, can’t imagine who you might be talking about. . .but I agree, I don’t like the way he writes, either.

I think what many overlook is that there are reader writers, and writer writers. Reader writers always get the praise from Joe Public, and it’s right that they do. Reader writers are generally the ones who write lasting novels because, in the long run, it’s character and story we remember, not plot, and not fancy phrases.

Writer writers are loved by other writers, sometimes by editors, but not as much by Joe Public. Writer writers do tend to win most of the bigger prizes, which may make up for not winning Joe Public, but they generally get talked about more than they actually get read.

And if you can make sense of this post, you’re psychic. I know what I was thinking, but I’m not real sure what I was writing.

Nah. That made perfect sense, James. We all know the writers you’re talking about. Most people would rather have their fingernails ripped out than read James Joyce who is frequently classed as one of the greatest (if not THE greatest) writer of the past century.

Now it happens I can enjoy his amazing way with words but if you can find the story under all those words, you’re better than 99% of the people in the world. Well, not really since 99% of the people wouldn’t even consider picking up one of his books.

While King is a workman like writer. He makes his language tell his story. Sure he’ll occasionally throw in a verbal flourish because those of us who live for and/or by words give in to tempation at times. But mostly he makes them do the work he intends them to do. I admire that in a writer. And it isn’t something that comes easy. It takes work and skill to tell a gripping story and have your language do exactly what you mean it to do.

And, yes, reading the demon/angels guy is painful. He is a fine example of why King is so good. They both tell good stories. But King writes better than a certain author can even dream of.