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easy_writer – 2008-05-28 10:22 AM

I’d say that Hemingway has a transparent style. No hidden agenda or technique, just simply laid out sentences, one after the other, and it certainly is not Young Adult.

The comment about being transparent strikes me as more condescending than constructive. I bet you’re kicking yourself for not asking, “what exactly do you mean by that? Can you give me an example?”

The question is: do you think the book is young adult? Do you want it to be? What do others think?

The comment was regarding a short story. And no, the comment wasn’t condescending, just a thought about what would be a good market for that particular story. I’m not kicking myself, since I did mention my disagreement to the person who made the comment.

I aim at a transparent style. My only argument with it was that being transparent was what made the story YA. The teenage protagonist and somewhat of a coming of age theme were what I would say made it YA. I didn’t set out to write a YA story, but would say that it worked out that way.

Actually I disagree about Hemingway. He certainly had technique although his technique was semi-transparent. Reading his stories carefully (I’m not a big Hemingway fan since I have trouble getting past his dislike of women) as I was forced to in college, I can tell you he put a lot of hidden technique into those stories of his. He was an extraordinarily careful craftsman even if I don’t enjoy reading much of his writing.