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Jamesaritchie – 2008-05-28 9:25 AM

If the reader stops and says, “I wish I’d written that”, he isn’t a reader, he’s a wannabe writer.

Excellent, James! I was thinking the same thing, but you nailed it in much fewer words.

In my opinion, King is both a terrific storyteller and a terrific writer. When I read King, I’m caught up in the story and I’m unaware of the writing. But when I go back and re-read him, as a writer myself, I see how much care and craft went into his writing.

There’s another way in which writing gets in the way of telling the story, and that’s when it’s so awful and puerile that you’re constantly thinking how bad it is. I won’t mention any names, but that’s the experience I have when I read an author who writes about codes and angels and demons; I felt that if I read one more word of his stuff I was going to gag. Still, I don’t deny he tells an interesting story–I just hate the way he tells it.