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Oh, I so totally disagree with this. Not that verbs aren’t good, not that part.

 I think, there’s a difference between ‘writing’ and “storytelling”. Stephen King is a good storyteller. He gets the job done. But a good writer? Nah, not really. A good writer makes you stop and say, “wow! Wish I’d said that!” Not that there isn’t use for one or the other; I enjoy a good trip with John Grisham any day…and he might not even be a good example, some of his descriptive writing’s pretty yummy. But if Andreyev told the same story, I’d expect something entirely different; I would be less desperate to find out what happened at the end and more inclined to enjoy the trip getting there.

A great storyteller won’t put in bits you’d want to skip over; a great writer, though…a writer gives you something you’d never wanna miss a word of. And both, when done to proper effect, leave something memorable behind.