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Great idea Georganna, I checked the Kodak website under trademark and found this paragraph:

“Referential Use
You may generally refer to trademarks or product names owned by Creo Inc. (“Creo”), but not logos, provided that when you do so it is not disparaging, and provided the reference does not mislead the public as to Creo sponsorship, affiliation or endorsement of your company products or services. The Creo corporate logo may only be used by third parties who are authorized to do so under license. For a list of Creo trademarks and the proper way to refer to them, please refer to the Creo Trademark List.”

The “Creo Trademark List” link did not work. So, not being an attorney, I think this says that I can use the word Kodak, or as I want to use, “Kodak Moment” as long as it is used in a positive way. Any advice out there?