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Anthony Head

You’re welcome, and please relax. It really, really is a very safe procedure. This was my fifteenth or sixteenth proc, (you need them more often when you have colitis), and I never had problems until last year and this year. Even then, the ‘problems’ were not all that bad, more frightening to the wonderful better half than to me.

Also, on a more technical note, the bleeding never occurs in the intestinal wall itself. I have pseudopolyps that need biopsied every time, to test for cancer. Their tissue is harder to sample than regular skin, they are described by the doctor as friable. My wife says to think cauliflower vs cabbage.

So do not stress out over it. Of the 15000 my doc has done, he has only had three bleeders. Me and a woman who had abnormally thin walls and one, count them, one that he accidentally caused. That’s pretty good and from what he says, pretty standard for the industry.

Now, a tip:

Your instructions will tell you to drink liquids the day before, then take the ‘cleansing’ agent that night. You will feel much better and less crampy if you also eat lightly THE DAY BEFORE THE DAY BEFORE.

The actual procedure is boring. You’re asleep.

Finally, don’t be too polite when you awaken. Your doctor has pumped you up like a party balloon. Feel free to fart. Lots. Try playing a tune. 🙂