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Congrats. My parents went all out for each other’s big 50’s. My dad took my mom on a surprise trip to Hawaii, and my mom spent the 50 days leading up to my dad’s 50th b-day leaving little notes for him along with 50 somethings. (50 pieces of mechanical pencil refills, to get the lead out of your pants, or ‘ 50 pieces of gum to chew while you still have teeth. She even safety-pinned 50 socks together, end to end and put them in a shoe box so he had to pull them all out one after another. It was 25 days before he ran out of socks.)
She always had a clever way of delivering them to him. Once, she left the package at the gas station where he stops EVERY morning. That morning when he got there, the cashier told him that his breakfast was already paid for, and said “Your wife said to tell you that you have 15 days until you turn 50.”

Another time, she had the waitress at their “Every Sunday” restaurant deliver it.

3 days before the Big Day, I flew in to Minnesota from North Carolina (Also a surprise to him, he didn’t know I was coming.) and delivered the 50 pieces of lead. “Three more days!” I announced. We always had fun with black birthdays.