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j_joshi – 2008-06-02 12:00 PM

pegs – 2008-06-01 5:48 PM

The big day has finally arrived; my 50th birthday. Today, June 1st.

Oughtta be a piece of cake.



Cake? I want cake!

Happy Belated Birthday you lovely lady you. Is that you in your avatar? I would never have guessed that you’re fifty. You really are making a smooth transition!

I’m glad you enjoyed your special day. Mine’s coming up on June 15th. Yikes! I haven’t decided what cake I want yet. Black forest or vanilla sponge… I could do trifle instead. Or strawberry cheesecake. So many choices!



Jai – We did have cake! A brownie cake – my favorite! Except the chocolate kept me up half the night, but it was worth it. Would have loved to share it with you.

Yes, that’s me “in my avatar” as you say. Or, it WAS me, last year, when I was “in my forties!” 😮

How cool that you’re a June baby too. I knew I liked you, in spite of you being from Texas. 😉 Hope you have a happy one too! I’d recommend the Black Forest, being the chocolate lover that I am.