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I also am a bit late chiming in on this one… Sometimes I want the lines capitalized as it makes the reading different. Sometimes I want a poem to have a more even flow and so do not capitalize. But that’s just me… Commas are the bane of my life! Most revisions comprise hours of putting them in & taking them out again. On the whole I prefer to punctuate as I would in prose but sometimes because of the style and desired pace of the piece I want the reader to be breathless at the end and so leave it nude (as it were!). If a poem is not in rhyme or form I think line breaks should serve like a paragraph in prose; indicating a change in direction or theme in the following stanza. Again one piece poems are great if you want to create a helter-skelter effect and a high speed read. I often like poems that appear that way right up to the end when suddenly, breathless you find a line break and a two line stanza with effectively the punch line. I don’t think capitalization would neccesarily influence my judgement as to whether a poem was good or bad although I might think it would be better one way or the other…

Anyway… just me thinking aloud!