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While I loved Tolkien as a kid, I am past the simplistic good vs evil of those worlds for the most part. I’m afraid for me D&D belongs in a game.

I’m very much more into the worlds of darker writers such as George R. R. Martin or even some of Jacqueline Carey’s work. I consider Martin’s Game of Thrones possibly the best fantasy ever written.

Sure there are writers out there re-hashing old stuff in stale ways (although you can also do a re-hash in startling ways such as Carey’s Banewrecker duology which takes Tolkien’s themes and turns them upside down. That was one of the few books I’ve ever read that I cried at the end.) There are writers out there who are doing startling work–and not necessarily the young ones. I’m absolutely convinced that Martin is the best fantasy writer out there for the time being.

In science fiction, I very much prefer the character-driven ones such as Elizabeth Moon’s Nebula winning Speed of Dark or her Nebula nominated Remnant Population.