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Mikala Engel

spring4321 – 2008-06-03 10:28 AM scifi vs. sf.–please explain the difference again. Thanks.


Many serious SF writers consider the term “scifi” an insult.  Whether you call it “science fiction” or “speculative fiction,” its use real science, plausible, possible futures, etc. It deals with the real world, with a future than could happen, with science that really is possible, even if we can’t achieve it yet.

Scifi doesn’t.  Scifi is Star Wars, or impossible space opera of any kind.  It’s what you see if you get your “science fiction” from TV.  It does not use real science, the futures presented are not possible, etc. Sciffi can be great fun, can be very well written, but, in short, it isn’t real and never will be.

If you care very much about science, watching scifi can make you fling the book across the room.

But I tend to prefer scifi these days, and I love, for instance, the Han Solo trilogy that A. C. Crispin wrote.  Scifi is impossible, but often has great story, great characters, and great adventure.  Too much current SF I’ve tried to read is pure polemic, or the science is the point, and story and characters are almost nonexistant.