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Deb E – 2008-11-14 9:10 AM Supernerd, what kind of self-respecting Grobanite would I be if I wasn’t a member of his fan club. What a silly question. There are very few Christmas songs I don’t like. I love Mary, Did you know? What child is this? Little Drummer Boy. White Christmas. Oh, Holy Night, (but only by a few singers). I love Oh, Come All Ye Faithful, Oh, Little Town in Bethlehem, and Did you Hear What I hear. I can feel a sense of peace come over me just listing the songs here.

I’m not anywhere near being the Groban fan that you are, Deb, but I must say that I’ve really enjoyed his Christmas CD. I can’t listen to “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” with all of the soldiers and their families talking (I have a cousin serving his fourth tour in Iraq), and that song makes me cry every time I hear it.

However, I must say that I’ve never cared for Little Drummer Boy. I get the message behind it and I appreciate that, but the song itself never appealed to me…until I heard the Groban sing it. That song alone has made me a fan…(of both the Groban and Little Drummer Boy…but mostly the Groban)

I’m going to the dark side…

How does one go about becoming a Grobanite? Do we get to wear cool costumes?:)