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Happy New Year All.

I finally got on the google doc page and am looking forward to our nudge group taking off. Now, I have to confess I am a computer dumb blonde, even though I’m a redhead in real life. So, you may need to guide me through the first few posting procedures, etc. I’m a fairly quick learner and hope I won’t waste too much valuable writng, critique time learning. When do we formally get rolling? Can I wear my jeans or do I need to dress up? 🙂 I will be posting my novel in chapters: Painted Black. My goal is to get the first three chapters polished to near perfection for an agent’s eye and then the rest in send off form. The book is written, but will need some tweeks because of changes I’ve made recently to the beginning. Hope I can help you guys as much as I know you can help me. Deborah B