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This was sweet, and I want to say that I also like the first stanza… it was what pulls you in (the daughter who doesn’t cook) is perfection. As for suggestions…

The second part didn’t work for me, the part where you change to “I” vs. the way it starts on focusing on “you”. I would switch to WE! So I needed that connection changes to we needed that connection.

I wasn’t sure of “games” – it has a negative connotation… perhaps just dropping it, see below… (sorry I lost your formatting….)

and I added “thanks to us”…. near the end, not sure this is exactly how it should be placed, but I thought to connect you both at the end to bring something to others brought something to this poem. Afterall, that is what took place!

It’s almost Thanksgiving… hope you get some time to work on this one more! I really liked it very much. Thank you so much for sharing!

Your soup ladle, your flour sifter,
Your roasting pan from Sunday suppers –
These things are in my keeping now.
(The daughter that doesn’t cook)

we needed that connection
that touchstone to childhood
springs – summers and autumns.

We were the nearly perfect pair.
Only our timing was off.
When one needed to be held, the
other was too busy.
Over time and distance
it remained the same –
Only the roles changed.

This Thanksgiving
Dinner will be eaten in my kitchen
The turkey – roasted in your pan
The soup – served from your ladle
The sifter perched in its place of honor
Serving as sentry
Keeper of the peace
We are all connected
And no one, thanks to us,
Will go home