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jrtomlin – 2008-05-27 5:45 PM Pardon me but I HAVE to say this! THE SHORT STORY I’M WORKING ON IS NOT WORKING THE WAY I WANT IT TO!!! *Stomps on the print out while uttering various imaginative obscenities*

You and me both! I just got back from holidays and I should be flyin’, but I’m not. The article I’m supposed to be writing isn’t happening. Deadline only five days away and the article is so blah even I’m bored. I’ve read more interesting pieces in the obit section in the newspaper.

*Also stomping on printout while uttering various imaginative obscenities*


Maybe you two oughtta swap pieces! 🙂

Joan, what kind of articles do you write?

I have written mostly for children (history and wildlife) and some adult pieces (memoir, profiles, magazine feature articles). This is my first travel piece for a senior magazine. I have written three pieces for the same mag over the past few months and didn’t have a problem until now. Can’t think what my hang-up might be 🙁


Sounds like really interesting stuff you’ve done! Good luck with the travel article. If I had an iota of experience I’d give you an iota of sage advice, but alas. Hang in there! (That one works in most situations)


Thanks for the encouragement, Pegs. I’m okay with the travel piece now; have the slant all figured out and most of the writing done. No problem. I have never written a travel piece before and was unsure how to approach it. Sometimes it takes awhile, but I almost always work it out. 🙂