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Mikala Engel

jrtomlin – 2008-05-27 5:56 PM I do have a deadline. Fortunately it’s still a couple of weeks off. It’s a good thing! I see what’s not working. What I don’t see is how to fix it. Blech. There is a thread down further about how easy writing is. LOL

A writer friend of mine says that writing is the easiest thing he’s ever done.  It’s writing well that he finds almost impossible.  He has a point.  So did whoever said, “Easy writing makes for hard reading.”

As for the short story that isn’t working, I think we all have those.  I’ve found the answer sometimes pops into my head a week, a month, or six months later, usually when I’m not even thinking about the story, and almost always after I’ve submitted the non-working version somewhere.  Sigh.