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Jamesaritchie – 2008-06-03 5:36 PM

If you can’t use a paper to show other students what shouldn’t be done, college would be heck of a lot tougher. There’s no point in holding something up and say “John Doe wrote this, and here’s what he did wrong,” but using that paper as an example or how not to do something can help everyone, including whoever wrote the paper.

Unless I just had all the wrong writing professors in creative writing and journalism.

Writing is about having a thick skin, and most are going to receive a lot tougher criticism than this.

I agree, but as a college professor I don’t feel it’s necessary to name the student.

When I teach counterpoint, I often put on the board student exercises that contain egregious errors. I have the class identify the errors and suggest improvements. But I don’t see the need to identify the students who wrote the poor exercises.

Both musicians and writers need to have thick skins if they’re to survive the criticisms they will certainly receive. But there are times when it’s unnecessary and even counterproductive to embarrass them in front of their peers..